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Timely and Effective

Before making the decision to utilize the Microsoft 365 platform, we knew we needed a knowledgeable and patient IT (Information Technologies) solutions partner to navigate the transition. Data Pros not only fit the bill but has exceeded our expectations. From transferring our systems to the Cloud to everyday troubleshooting, Data Pros has always been timely, easy to work with and effective in solving our problems. Microsoft 365 has been a valuable platform for our firm because we get the "power" from applications such as Excel and PowerPoint, with the flexibility of leveraging various devices (PC, iPhone, Android, etc.) we all use individually.

Data Pros are always available to help solve any IT issues that arise. Their support is fast and effective in solving problems that inevitably surface while working remotely in these tough times. The peace of mind knowing that our company's IT needs are in the hands of experienced professionals, allows our team to focus on the important things that drive value to our company. Data Pros provides excellent value, coupling affordable rates with professional IT services.

You will not be disappointed, enhance your business and sign Data Pros up today!”

img Timely and Effective
Michael L.
Vice President
Financial Services Firm

An Impressive & Uncommon Level Of Diligence

"Since moving to Office 365 we were able to reduce our frustrations in automating our outbound business emails as we primarily attempt to communicate with our co-op members electronically. Before Office 365 we experienced periodic complications related to problems like limitations on outbound email volume, which has been eliminated in the migration.

I’ve been impressed with The Data Pros timely responses to any problems we may experience. Network environments can be complicated and with an office like ours, we really don’t have either the expertise or time to dedicate to administrating a computer environment. The Data Pros staff returns support calls timely and has proven diligent in solving problems.

I’ve found The Data Pros to be prompt, diligent and professional. The Data Pros has also invested the time to find answers and solve at least one difficult virus problem including recovering lost files by interacting on behalf of Pure with Drop Box. The Data Pros “owned” the problem on behalf of Pure, which is an impressive and uncommon level of diligence."

Jarred C.
Energy Firm

The Data Pros Finds A Way To Get Things Done

"Forum has always found Data-pros to be accessible, responsive and timely. Whether in support of our own IT needs, Office 365 support and problem resolution, or helping us support those of our clients, The Data Pros finds a way to get the job done."

David L.
Public Relations Firm

Unsurpassed Responsiveness!

"The single biggest benefit to Pleio and our employees since moving to Office 365 is operational efficiencies of having everyone on the same platform. Same file types being used by everyone. We accomplished this by partnering with The Data Pros and taking advantage of their strong project management. Also their ability to impart past system conversion experiences to streamline the process.

And finally their incredible patience in guiding us novices through system conversion. To anyone on the fence about choosing The Data Pros as their IT firm, what would you say to them?? Unsurpassed responsiveness!

Zorba L.
Medical Development Firm

They Always Get Things Done Right Without Hiccups or Excuses!

I've known and worked with Joe and The Data Pros for years as our outsourced IT department. They clearly have our best interest in mind and have never tried to hard sell us anything.

For example, The Data Pros moved us completely to the cloud; a decision that has really reduced our costs, eliminated the inconvenience (and risk) of our tape drive backup and made it infinitely easier for my entire staff to work and be productive.

Now I don’t have employees complaining to me about IT issues anymore which is fantastic. When they say they’re going to do something, they always follow through and get it done without hiccups, excuses or additional fees. You’ll never hear them say, “Something went wrong and we have to come back and charge you more.” They completely take the risk of getting something done right and never nickel and dime us. I can call at a moment's notice if I need something, and they're always there ready to help with a solution; for a small, growing company like ours, they're an invaluable partner.

Ray N.
Commerical Real Estate Firm

Their Customer Service is Epic!

Moving our data to Microsoft Office 365 has made accessing our files seamless from anywhere and anytime.

For example, during recent business travel, I needed urgently to access my SharePoint for reviewing a file and I didn’t have my laptop with me. I quickly accessed Microsoft Office 365 from the conference room computer with no delay of retrieving the files and most importantly a secure login that is protected for confidentiality reasons by Microsoft.

The Data Pros team is always available for help and far more knowledgeable than IT firms we have used in the past. For any outstanding issues, they make sure to follow up, even if the problem was not directly related to the scope of The Data Pros services. Comparing the service charge vs. the amount of services you will get, this is the best deal in the market! No matter if the issue is small or big, they are always responsible and friendly. The customer service is epic and we are extremely satisfied with the work The Data Prosstrong> does for our firm! - Pauline Zhu, VP, Cindat

img pauline zhu3
Pauline Z.
Financial Services Firm

More Nice Comments…

"I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and guidance and support."

"I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and guidance and support."

SI, January 2023

"You all have been phenomenal!"
"You all have been phenomenal!"

DG , December 2022

"Thank you so much for the training offered!"
"Thank you so much for the training offered!"

GA, November 2022

"We appreciate all the help through this project!"
"We appreciate all the help through this project!"

JD, October 2022

"Another satisfied customer."
"Another satisfied customer."

JP, September 2022

"Super excellent training session, needed that!"
"Super excellent training session, needed that!"

AC , July 2022

"I want you to know your support is greatly appreciated"
"I want you to know your support is greatly appreciated"

AE, June 2022

"The system is like brand new after that tune up, great job!"
"The system is like brand new after that tune up, great job!"

EM, May 2022