SharePoint Development and Microsoft Automate for a Large Construction Company​

Customer Size:

100 employees



Products and Services:

SharePoint, Microsoft Power Automate


USA, China


An Engineering Company that does business in both the USA and China, with over 100 employees needed an automated weekly payroll application. With multiple labor unions and projects, there were hours of manual work involved that included emails and attachments that would get lost and unacknowledged. They came to Data Pros who proposed a solution using SharePoint Development and Microsoft Automate to eliminate over 20 hours of manual work per week. Now, the company no longer relies on manual time entry, and has freed its’ staff to work on more revenue-generating tasks.


The company needed an automated payroll system to keep track of projects, benefits, and union labor rates. For years they manually sent and submitted projects and hours through email. This system was not efficient and caused projects and payroll periods to halt. Each project included various labor unions, labor rates, and state regulations. As the projects grew, tracking these hours became impossible. They had no way to quickly add these hours and ingest them into SAP. They did not have the knowledge or resources to come up with a solution.


Data Pros realized the inefficiency in this company’s process and took the time to successfully create a Timesheet App using SharePoint Development and Microsoft Power Automate.


By using the SharePoint app Data Pros developed, the client was able to streamline their time sheet and payroll process, saving over 20 hours per week. The app consolidates the hour input from their 5 offices into one report for entry into their Payroll Partner. The app connects to an ADP data base which allows for seamless integration. This has helped the firm take full advantage of their labor hours, union benefits, and USL & H insurance. With the hours saved and efficiency improvement, they save roughly $115,000 a year.

Client Feedback

“We have been thrilled by the speed at which we were able to implement a process automation solution using SharePoint, and Power Automate; so much so that we’re actively looking at opportunities to modernize other business processes across our company. Data Pros does an excellent job analyzing our environment and identifying areas where efficiency can be achieved. Without our partnership with them, we would not have been able to put this together."

Managing Director
Global Engineering Company