Microsoft 365 Governance
Made Easy


With over 16 different admin portals within Microsoft 365, managing your environment is no easy task. Without the necessary expertise, your organization can be left at risk. That is why Data Pros is making it easy for its customers to rest assured their Microsoft 365 environment is secure and properly managed.

Recognized by Microsoft as one of the first Microsoft Cloud Solution Partners in the Modern Work arena, Data Pros is committed to helping its customers do more with less and see an ROI on their Microsoft spend. Data Pros has designed a “best-in-class” support model for Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics, and the Power Platform allowing its customers to focus on their business while Data Pros handles the IT struggles most SMBs try to manage on their own.


Securing a Microsoft 365 tenant requires diligent reporting and review.

Our tools provide our customers what they need to make intelligent decisions and improve security posture.


Compliance, governance, and security are important for every organization, but often these areas are left unmanaged and without a dedicated operator. With Data Pros AMG program (Adoption, Management, and Governance), customers benefit from a team of certified experts that are consistently updating security policies, generating governance reports, and finding unique solutions to create a more efficient working environment for your organization.

Reporting for Microsoft365


Do you know the permissions set within your Microsoft 365 environment? Incorrect permissions can lead to sensitive data being leaked along with additional ramifications. With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, it is important to keep them secure. Microsoft 365 is used by almost every organization, which means you need the proper governance in place.

With AdminDroid, your organization can take control of Microsoft 365 management. Visit our partner site to learn more.