Simplifying software adoption for everyone

Technology isn’t the problem; it’s the way technology is delivered that can cause frustration. To combat the fear of change and technological reluctance, Data Pros has developed a Microsoft training platform called Adoption 365.

Adoption 365 is a scalable software platform that motivates even the most reluctant users to build new technology skills and change the way they work. With our QuickHelp platform, your company can cut operational costs, mitigate risk, increase revenue, and achieve your technology-related goals.

img technology isnt the problem
img most organizations roll out new technology

Most organizations roll out new technology and hope end users figure out the value along the way. Others provide a training resource and assume people will teach themselves what they need to know. But 84% of software users are unmotivated to learn new skills. 

Adoption 365 contains thousands of bite-sized videos curated into skill paths around various Microsoft applications and topics. Skill paths include poll questions to assess understanding, progress, and impact. 

Popular Skill Paths in Adoption 365

Microsoft Teams



Security Awareness



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