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Are you a company of 25 people or more using the Microsoft platform? If so, how are you currently managing the 10+ admin centers and keeping up with the monthly Office 365 updates Microsoft pushes out? Not to mention the other IT responsibilities that every company needs to handle like patching, security, backup, and end user support. It sounds daunting…because it is.

When you don’t have the expertise, time, or passion in something, it is often neglected. Think about it: if you didn’t take your car for regular service, what would happen? Your technology is no different. It requires consistent management, certified experts, and a passionate team for it to be considered a tool that works WITH YOU and not AGAINST YOU.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for one person to have the knowledge to handle all these changes. Managing hybrid workers? Problems with Microsoft 365 or Azure? Securing your on-premises network? Relying on one person to do all of this for your company is an incredible risk. Technology is moving too fast in every direction and partnering with the right team of experts can make the difference between growing your business or losing money.

So, How Can Data Pros Help?

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What are some of the hard benefits of our Help Desk?

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Increased productivity – proactive monitoring and maintenance prevent issues before they occur, giving you maximum uptime

Predictable budgeting – our Help Desk service charges a flat-rate fee per user so you pay the same amount every month no matter how many issues occur in your IT environment

Increased profit margins – you get the most powerful tools and expertise at small-business prices, meaning increased productivity costing fewer resources

Peace of mind – rest easy and focus on growing your business knowing you’ll always have the technology capabilities you need

A strategic partner – your technology team will always support your business goals

Managed Services FAQ

No, in fact you gain more control and oversight of your IT. Data Pros Managed Services package comes with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to oversee all actions a technician takes to manage, optimize, or update your network. You can even request for comprehensive weekly or monthly reports that you can use to ensure that we are meeting the service level agreement (SLA).

Our Managed Services are designed to help your staff, not replace them! So, if you already have in-house technicians, they can focus on more strategic tasks like optimizing your core line of business applications or development while we handle the cybersecurity, data backups, management of your Microsoft environment, and much more.

No. Our service packages are made with SMBs in mind, meaning you only need to pay for what you use — no nickel-and-diming, no cancellation fees, no long-term contracts!

Of course! While a large part of Managed Services is focused on support and maintenance, our package bundles cybersecurity solutions like antivirus, firewalls, access controls, and multifactor authentication software to protect your systems against cybercriminals, scammers, and malware.

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