Microsoft Teams Implementation for a Childhood Education Academy

Customer Size:

50 employees



Products and Services:

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams




A highly touted early childhood education academy was faced with a difficult decision in 2020 due to COVID-19. Keep the doors open, or close them and be forced to lay off their teachers? Looking for a way to enable virtual learning, they reached out to Data Pros for support. By implementing Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, Data Pros was able to solve all their problems! Virtual learning and collaboration were quickly adopted across their 15 locations which allowed this business to not only keep the doors open but continue to grow. With Microsoft 365 in place, collaboration and security became second nature and the teachers were able to focus on their students. Data Pros completed the migration while handling sensitive information and provided successful training as the academy runs completely through Microsoft, swiftly, and efficiently.


The Academy staff encountered technical complexity while trying to enable a virtual learning platform. Their services were distributed across GSuite, Dropbox, Zoom, and GoToMeeting with no integration. This made collaborating next to impossible. COVID-19 added an additional layer of complexity for the academy, and they soon realized an integrated platform would be the only way to keep the business operating.

When it came time to migrate services from GSuite, Dropbox, Zoom, and GoToMeeting work had to be split across multiple services. Gmail emails, with attachments, needed to be restored within Exchange Online, and emails without attachments restored to SharePoint. Files that were being stored in DropBox had to be migrated into the appropriate SharePoint sites. The Academy required a full audit trail of the emails and files converted and migrated to ensure that all the valid information was consolidated into Microsoft 365.


The Data Pros project team created the proper project management plans for migration and adoption. The team migrated all documents and information into the new Microsoft environment by following these steps:


Data Pros successfully created a virtual hub where teachers can meet, collaborate, and work on tasks together. Working remotely is no issue, as they can access files from anywhere thanks to SharePoint. The migration has saved the company costs on licensing, infrastructure, and storage. They also do not need to pay for support as Data Pros offers same-day response support when they become your official Cloud Solution Provider. On top of that, they also have risk-free data loss prevention. The teachers, children, and Academy have greatly benefited from this successful implementation of Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint.

Client Feedback

“By implementing Microsoft Teams, we’re making peoples’ jobs much easier during a very difficult time. Microsoft has allowed our teachers to make an impact despite teaching virtually and we would not have been able to do this without Data Pros.
If your organization is on the fence about IT projects, give Data Pros a call, their team will supersede all of your expectations."

Owner and Founder
Education Academy