Data Pros Welcomes 2020 Summer Interns

Date: June 1, 2020

Location: Data Pros HQ

This year has had many challenges for us all, but here at Data Pros, staying healthy and safe is our number one priority. Because of this we are trying to think of ways to overcome these challenges and make things as normal as possible.

As a company we have had summer interns for a few years now, but the group of 2020 is a special one. Not only because of their hardworking and eagerness to get to work every day, but because of the obstacles that they are facing. It is not just coming into an office and being around your co-workers full time, you have to be able to work remotely. Learning to work remote can be challenging for some, as they either feel too distracted at home or feel they don’t have the right guidance to get their work done. With the help of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams this task becomes much easier. We are working with each one of our interns individually to try and get them comfortable in any work environment. We have put a rotating schedule system in place where we allow our interns to be in the office a few days a week so they can get the in-person experience that they need while also learning how to work remotely.

While our interns will mostly be focused on the marketing aspect of our company, we will also be presenting them with opportunities in other fields so they are able to learn about all of the different aspects of a business. We feel this is important because we are trying to prepare out interns for any job they may get and provide them with an informative and personal experience that they can take with them wherever they may go.

No one imagined a year like this to happen, and it is not the ideal scenario for anyone, but we feel that all of the problem solving and innovation being done can have an everlasting impact and could potentially change the way many companies operate.

Welcome to our 2020 summer interns and thank you for being cooperative during these tough times. We are excited to see what each one of you are able to bring to our company and know you will all exceed expectations.