Streamline and Strengthen your Security to become Cyber Smart


Many of us saw the additional security risks of the remote work explosion. Bad actors are not taking time off. Accordingly, we all need to be ready now for the increased security risks in this new age. Data Pros takes an intelligent approach to secure its customer’s environments while staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

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Today Microsoft analyzes over 470B emails per month with over 3,500 security professionals protecting customers. More than ever before SMBs are turning to Microsoft 365 to protect their business data. That is why we designed our security and support around Microsoft 365 Business. It is an integrated solution that brings together the best-in-class productivity applications of Office 365 with advanced security and device management to help safeguard your business from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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When Less is More

Everything you need, wherever you need it,
in one solution.

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Navigating a shifting world


Attacks growing

more sophisticated


Conventional security tools

have not kept pace


Regulatory landscape becoming

more complex

These are the key principles of Zero Trust

Securing your organization
with Zero Trust

To adapt to this new reality, we need a new set of principles.

  • Move from assumption to explicit verification.
  • Adopt a policy-based, least-privileged access model.
  • Design with the principle that every element of your system can be breached.

How a consolidated security stack can reduce your risks and costs

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