Microsoft Adoption & Training

As a Business User of Microsoft 365 solutions, you have a plethora of resources and tools available to help you achieve and deliver results for your daily work requirements. A new culture of work is available, and you are at the center of driving its success. Discover what is possible and learn more about how you can use the Microsoft 365 set of solutions to help you achieve more.

  • 84% of users are reluctant to adopt new technology. This lack of adoption can lead to productivity and security gaps. Statistics show the onboarding experience for employees is a great place to start their training. The goal is to equip the 13% of early adopters and 3% of innovators to evangelize the 84% of users that are afraid of technology change.
  • Improve your onboarding experience with Data Pros’ Microsoft 365 Adoption and Training Portal. Ensure new members of your organization are informed, included, and empowered. Amplifying the employee experience is key to driving the human connections needed in order to deliver exceptional ideas and achieve more.
  • Analyzing the numbers will show you that a 16% on your Microsoft ROI has a real cost, and can lead to low productivity, duplicate apps, security risks, and negative project outcomes.

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