Digital Signage

Bring any Screen to Life

Looking for a way to promote that Holiday Party you’ve been working so hard to plan? You know sending out emails to the entire staff is a tedious task, but did you ever think of displaying the message on the company television that no one uses? With Data Pros Signage (DPS) you can now turn any screen into a digital sign and it only takes 5 minutes to setup!​

Digital Signage is used in almost every industry to improve customer engagement and with DPS it just got a whole lot easier. Traditionally, digital signage presented three major challenges: complexity, cost, and scalability. Updating signs is difficult and expensive, especially when there are many signs in multiple locations. Because businesses typically deploy on a sign-by-sign basis, there’s no simple way to scale. With Data Pros’ new cloud-based solution, users can customize and publish content from a single management console hosted in Azure.​

Data Pros Signage has two simple components:​

  • The media player​
  • The content management suite​

End users simply need to purchase a media player and connect it to any screen. Once you configure your media player you will be able to manage all your content through the content management suite.​

Some of our features include:

  • Interactive: Realtime mode lets you interrupt a playlist at any time or display hidden content. Developers can use our API to build custom HTML5 experiences.​
  • Mobile Apps: Our player and manager apps are available for Windows 10, Android, Chrome and Fire TV. Coming soon to iOS as well!​
  • Cloud Powered: Your content resides securely in the Microsoft cloud and is cached by your media player. Result: it keeps playing even when there's no WiFi access.​
  • Simple Setup: Plug in your media player and use the content management suite to enter the PIN that appears on the screen. Then upload your graphics and videos. Voila - you've just set up a digital sign!​
  • Dynamic Content: We partner with industry-leading content providers like Screenfeed and Seenspire so you can display news, weather, airport info, social media feeds and more in your playlists.​
  • Freemium: How does FREE sound? It's true, you can run one digital sign completely free of charge. Upgrade right in the DPS Content Management Suite app to unlock pro features or set up multiple players.

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