Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Reduce Operational Downtime

Downtime is expensive for any business. The average downtime cost per incident has soared over 200% from the previous year.​

  • $46,800 --> $141,000​

A minor outage can put your firm at a competitive disadvantage, but the proper Business Continuity and Data Recovery (BCDR) plan can help eliminate downtime.​

Data Pros BCDR plans help businesses unify data management, security, and protection of all major IT systems.

The ability to run applications in the cloud while onsite infrastructure is restored is widely considered to be a game-changer for disaster recovery. This capability can cover the following areas:​

  • Data Backup​
  • Disaster Recovery​
  • Networking Continuity​

Business continuity and disaster recovery is a company-wide responsibility and failure to protect your business from human error, hardware failure and/or natural disasters can be detrimental and impact every single stakeholder. Once you’ve implemented a BCDR solid plan, you will sleep much more soundly at night knowing you’re fully prepared for any disaster that might come your way!​

Not sure if you have the proper BCDR plan in place? No Problem! Download our “Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist” to get your BCDR plan on track!

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